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Jochem Braat is an eclectic and versatile musician. His piano playing reflects the breadth of his artistic influences, ranging from a musical upbringing by his swing-playing father, to his own discovery of singer-songwriters, Brazilian music, film music and the broad and varied canon of the jazz tradition. After studying clarinet for six years his interest turned to the piano and its capacity for self-contained solo performance. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in jazz piano at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and a Master’s degree with his teacher Bert van den Brink at the conservatory of Utrecht. Jochem finished his studies in 2016 after receiving an extraordinary 9 (A+) for his piano playing. Over the years he has studied with, among others, Danilo Rea, Barry Harris, Jason Lindner and Stefano Bollani.

Jochem’s piano playing encompasses a variety of styles, among them instrumental 30s and post-war jazz, song interpretation, free improv and instant composing, Brazilian popular and traditional music, and of course his own compositions, which are rich, composite constructions, often featuring playful rhythmic experimentation. These can be heard in his own founded group ‘sQuare ensemble’ which consist of a jazz trio, a singer and three classically trained alto saxophonists, but also in his electro-synth-pop project ‘Luchtman’ in which Jochem plays with the relationship between jazzy improvisation and pop-based composed music.

Jochem has performed in clubs and venues across Europe, Russia and Thailand, and has had the pleasure of playing with  Wilbert de Joode, Corrie van Binsbergen, Snowapple, Han Bennink, Wolter Wierbos, Konrad Kosselick, Vincent Bijlo, Ellen ten Damme en Michael Moore. Jochem’s musical experimentation has led him to procure a number of curious instruments, including a melodica, a sitar-piano and a harmonium, which he uses to delight and entertain passers-by in the streets of Amsterdam.

5 december 2014, Jochem released an the album “swingterklaas” together with Stijn de Wit (double bass) and Willem van der Krabben. For more info: www.swingterklaas.nl

12 march 2016, Jochem released his first electro-synth-space-pop EP with the group Luchtman. For more info: www.luchtman-music.com