Jochem Braat

pianist - composer



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John Roast Power Fox

John Roast Power Fox is a band consisting of Luuk Janssen (guitar), Jochem Braat (piano/keys), Reindert Kragt (bass) and Mats Voshol (drums). In addition to being good friends, they continually serve as a source of inspiration for one another. 

In the last decade each one of them took a prominent place in the Dutch and International (jazz) music scene. Now, years since they met at the conservatory, they created ‘John Roast Power Fox’, a place to experiment, to store years of demos and writings and to shamelessly bundle their musical (guilty) pleasures. ‘John Roast Power Fox’ searches for itself: How much can be traced back to earlier examples such as John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, Jesse van Ruller, Tom Misch and Medeski, Martin & Wood? What remains of the dozens of jams, forgotten audio memos and philosophical pub conversations? Do they dare to play vulnerable and beautiful instead of tough and fast?

Luuk Janssen - guitar
Jochem Braat - piano/keys
Reindert Kragt - Bas
Mats Voshol - drums


Amsterdam Jazz Trio

The Amsterdam Jazz Trio are of three talented and idiosyncratic jazz musicians: pianist Jochem Braat, drummer Tijn Jans and double bassist Adrie Braat.
Because of their shared love for the timeless music from the American Songbook and the musical freedom that a jazz piano trio offers, they found each other in the Amsterdam Jazz Trio. With the personal contribution from the different musical backgrounds of the musicians, the trio gives the music a unique and exciting color. At the same time, the shared focus of the musicians also gives the music a particularly harmoniously interwoven overall sound, making the trio sound like one instrument.

In 2024 the first album of the trio came out: Live from het Volkskrantgebouw + Boris van der Lek


photo by Roy Beusker

photo by Bruno Bonansea

Jaber Fayad group

Hopeless Nostalgia is a musical project that consists of six crossover compositions by Jaber Fayad.

These pieces were composed in Syria and the Netherlands in an attempt to capture the feeling of loss and unbelonging.

Jaber Fayad Quintet is a group of musicians from different origins and musical backgrounds, and they come together to take you on the journey of Hopeless Nostalgia.


Nintendofunk, Spacedisco, Avantgardepop, samen met zijn sidekick Ruimtepoes beleeft Luchtman alle mogelijke avonturen. In 2022 komen drie nieuwe cassettes uit vol muziek gespeeld door Jochem Braat (synthesizers), Reindert Kragt (basgitaar) en Tijn Jans (slagwerk), inclusief drie bijbehorende stripverhalen.


Club Guy & Roni + Noord Nederlands Toneel (NITE)

Jochem collaborates with NITE (club Guy & Roni and het Noord Nederlands Toneel) on a regular basis. Some of them: 

Salam (2017-2018)

Swan Lake (2020-2021)

Fortune (2022-2023) 

Yara’s Wedding (2022-2023)


Pepijn de Wit

Pepijn de Wit is a Dutch crooner and songwriter. His voice is warm and gentle; his songwriting simple yet elegant. 

Raised with American Popular Song, his music resembles the vintage quality of jazz standards. An acoustic and honest performer; passionate for melodies.